Dacian Florin Dedu Romania

Precious metals have been, are and will be the preferred financial instruments of investors around the world, for the simple fact that the degree of risk in terms of investment view is small in the long run. When ORO ONE combined precious metals with the crypto payment system and put it in the network marketing system they have become accessible to all people, not just large investors. Precious metals, virtual currencies and the network marketing industry are the most incredible mix.


Mr. Egashira Japan

We are a team support group for ORO ONE in Japan. In the picture in the back are Mr. Egashira and Mr. Shimizu, in the front Mr. Tomita and Mr. Sukuno. We will be aiming at providing a firm support and service for the business of ORO.one in order to increase the company's name recognition and the numbers of participants and happy clients in Japan.


Emilia Sipa Namibia

Firstly ,let me thank the management of ORO.ONE company; my leadership, I am very much impressed by your work:''keep it up!''. The reason why I  gave stars it's because ORO.ONE did an amazing job in my life to  help me step out of my "COMFORT ZONE".  I am happy to become one of the Gold partner of  ORO.ONE  online business company.  As an entrepreneur, I decided to  joined the Gold industry.  The company really helped  me financially and it helped me  pays off my debts. I am happy to work with ORO.ONE multinational company.



I started my entrepreneurial journey with this company 3 months ago when someone presented to me A LIFE CHANGING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY & i told her i was going to think about it & get back to her which i did a day later after God opened my eyes to see in the dream of the night that this platform he has given us to make WEALTH for as many who will believe & key in & that in less than 4 weeks  my story will change for the best.......wow, i woke up feeling blessed already. 2 days later i called the person back that am ready to start this journey & THIS WAS HOW I BECAME A REGISTERED MEMBER. I shared this beautiful business opportunity with EVERYONE AROUND ME & some told me 'THESE THINGS DOESN'T WORK', some said 'I AM NOT INTERESTED', some said i will think about it till this day, some said i am interested & want to join your team, they came onboard & we built together till today i earned for my 1st all experience in Network Marketing R10700 as my startup bonus .best experience ever


Hope and Donald Johannesburg

On the middle of May 2020 when whole world was going through a world pandemic of COVID19..a Freind of mine I knew from another network introduced the business of Oroone to me, n I told her I'm not interested,we were under lockdown the business I was doing was at pause nobody was willing to spend on any network,I said I wasn't interested,I'm not interested n I don't have money to join.give me your details she said cos I believe in u,I gave her my details just not because I was willing to learn just to keep her quiet,she registered me Silver package,n only after u sat down n read every Presentation she sent me n voice notes,I can do this I said to myself I gathered my team members n we started...the system is user friendly n within a week I received my first payment,I was ecstatic, within a month my I added my husband silver package,I added my sister's,my mum ,everyone I was excited looking at all the incentives n makerting plan,the leaders who are there to assist 24/made it easier for me,all my family members I added my earnings,in 2 months we were already house hunting my husband n we found our dream house,we worked towards the deposits,then the money to move, exciting knowing only 6 pple n I earn WOOOOW....That time my husband was given salary cut n few days to work we all know due to Covid many lost their Jobs...we were barely surviving,I pushed I have family members on gold program n my husband on gold also,I have made soooooo much money in Oroone I lost count I told my family they will get all incentives,n their kids will get basaries not to mention the earnings they get n bonuses...OUR NEXT STEP IS PLATINUM... I'm grateful for this wonderful opportunity the company offers I'm grateful my upliner Silvia,to Lilly n team u guys make it soooooo easy for us to succeed,u are there to teach n guide..may HEAVEN BlESS U...... OROONE THANK U FOR THIS HOUSE I CALL A HOME


Mpho Motlhabane Mpumalanga

I am proudly member of Oro.One. I am not afraid to shout about Oro One, because Oro One changed my life and my family’s from Zero to Hero. I don’t regret joining Oro One because now I change people’s lives each and every day. The higher the package the greater the earnings. Join Oro One, don’t waste your time.R1500 gets you in, invite your 2 friends and teach them to do the same.

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