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You and your time

If you have ever had an opportunity to communicate with a successful person, especially for a long time, you could not help but notice that success accompanies him in almost everything and that such a person would be constantly increasing his capital. At that very time, those who belong to the class of low-income or poor people, despite their desperate austerity measures, are gradually becoming poorer and poorer. This mystery of why the poor get poorer and the rich get richer has been bothering people for a long time. Most losers tend to look for the intrigues of fortune in it, global conspiracies of capitalist sharks and other fantastic answers – only not to face a simple but depressing truth.

What is it in? Usually, the average adult of 30 to 40 years old earns as a hired worker, and in most cases, spends almost everything that he earns per month. Often that is not enough for him and he resorts to the help of all kinds of creditors, both legal entities and individuals, and borrows money to make it to the next paycheck. Basically, such repetitive situation occurs because the person is not focused on creating assets that would help solve his financial problems. A lot of times there are even quite explainable and significant reasons for that, however, that does not make it easier and the financial slavery of hired labor is still flourishing in the 21st century. Roughly speaking, people become millionaires only in their free time, but at work, as the saying goes, "there is no time to earn money, because there is a lot of work." In the modern world, only a few hired workers, - as a rule they would be representatives of top management of transnational corporations, can earn such salaries with which it would be possible to create financial assets that allow not to worry about anything. Most of the people trade their time for work for a promised salary, albeit not always a small one, simply lose the opportunity to do something for themselves in terms of ensuring their financial stability. Time is the main asset of a person, and rich people once made their time a priority before working for a salary and they are good at using it well. Of course, there had to be also risk, but it usually happens to be justified. Nothing good would have happened if today's millionaires in their due time would have chosen the stability of a promised salary. Work in the morning, back home in the evening, monotonous pastime during evenings and rest only to start it all over again - the progress of a person living this way will be minimal in the long run. And if you consider that the majority has simply learned to endure and do the work they don’t like, one can imagine why they lack development and their income practically does not grow from year to year. It is the correct use of time that is the key to achieving wealth and to earning passive income as one of the tools of financial freedom. To create a reliable passive income you need to be very active and work hard so that you can quit your job forever and become a wealthy person.

To gain financial freedom and start building your life for yourself: 

-take time to create assets and regularly think about what you can do in order to receive money many times for what you have created;

 -immediately strive to have several sources of passive income so that your financial stability is under reliable protection;

- to do that, engage in self-education and raise the level of your financial literacy, because the primary asset in which you should be investing is yourself!

A specialist in financial literacy and without a doubt a successful person, the popular author Robert Kiyosaki is sure that "wealth is determined not by the size of a bank account, but by the amount of TIME during which the person does not have to work while maintaining a comfortable standard of living."



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