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Where do rich people invest

According to a study conducted by the American companies World Wealth Report and Knight Frank & FPB Private Banking, modern investors tend to diversify their investments. If we are talking about stable markets of well developed countries, then the maximum amount of investments falls on those financial instruments which allow you to legally earn in a stable economy. Elite residential real estate and high-value commercial real estate is another one of the most common options for financial investments, especially if such real estate is in the US, UK and a number of other countries. Successful people invest a part of their funds in business development and even keep it in cash or purchase antiques and luxury items. And, of course, most continue to invest regularly in precious metals. History has shown that gold retains its value during times of upheavals and cataclysms. That is why most investors willingly invest in this precious metal by purchasing investment gold bars or precious metal-backed securities.


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