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the uniqueness of gold

While facing gold on a daily basis, the average person may not even be aware of it and certainly does not know about the uniqueness of this metal. The maximum what most of the modern people can say about the properties of gold is that this metal does not corrode even when there is of lot of moisture around. Also, most people consider gold to be a fairly strong and hard metal, associating it with gold jewelry, the hardness of which is caused by the presence of various jewelry alloys. At the same time, pure gold is so soft that it is easy to deform it just with your fingers. Such flexibility is one of the unique features of gold. Only from this metal it is possible, for example, to make a string with the diameter several times smaller than the diameter of a human hair! Moreover, such a string can easily have an average length of about three kilometers which is not possible for other metals. Gold's high density is no less unique. If we talk about the density of pure gold, if the volume of 32,000 tons (almost all of the world's gold reserves) is put together and made into a cube, its side will only have the length of12 meters. And the most unique feature of gold is its ability to influence people, more precisely, the human behavior and the perception of such concepts as "beauty" and "aesthetics". Even though today the desire of people to own beautiful jewelry made of gold has not diminished at all, most of our contemporaries are unlikely to dare to “decorate” themselves with gold dental crowns. However, not so long ago, namely back in the 19th century, which was rightfully considered the century of the beginning of rapid technological development, many high level government officials in different very civilized countries considered gold dental crowns to be distinctive signs of high status and superiority over the majority. They even deliberately “decorated” their perfectly healthy teeth with them! It is interesting that today, the use of gold dental crowns has not only ceased to be the trend and indicates bad taste, but is also prohibited for officials in a number of countries, for example, Tajikistan.


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