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The first golden hotel in the world, opened its doors to guests

In the capital of Vietnam, popular among tourists, the world's first golden hotel, Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake, has opened. The precious 24-carat yellow metal was used not only in the interior decoration of the hotel object, but also in its exterior cladding!

25 floors of a modern building in the heart of Vietnamese Hanoi, showcasing 342 living rooms, generously plated with 24-karat gold to their walls, doors, handles, railings, furniture, plumbing fixtures and many other elements of the hotel interior. Also, the imposing part of the building's facade is gilded: an area of ​​... five thousand square meters is covered with gold!

It took ten years to build a masterpiece of architecture. Staying in a unique place, tourists can be relatively inexpensive. Accommodation prices start at USD 250 per day.


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