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What are we afraid of?

If you ask random people if they would like to independently manage their lives and work exclusively for themselves, in almost every case, you will hear an affirmative answer. At the same time, the lack of confidence in their own strengths, and the fear of losing, albeit an imaginary "comfortable" stability, makes you refuse to even try something new, being deceived by self-justifications. But what is the nature of fear that makes you give up real opportunities to start, spend and rebuild your life in a new way? Today, we are most afraid of the need for change. Paradoxically, right now, in the midst of a pandemic, people are quicker to agree to spend several hours every day in crowded transport, risking infection, in order to get into an equally crowded workplace, earn a deliberately limited monetary reward, than try to at least realize the reality of opportunities. of the same online business, literally "in front of the nose." The world famous investor, writer, trainer and motivator Robert Kiyosaki suggested opposing the modern concept of “courage”, not the classical one - “cowardice”, namely “conformism”. In simple terms, conformism is a kind of ability to endure the discomfort of everyday difficulties, gradually becoming habitual, and the habit itself is a familiar state in which we “know” how to act, starting to consider it comfort. Are you completely satisfied with your life? If yes, then congratulations, it's time to secure her by creating a reliable source of passive income. Otherwise, you need to consciously choose: leave everything as it is, relying on chance, someone's decision, indifference to your fate, or just try something new, something that has already been able to help many change their lives.


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