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Patience is the key in investments

Patience as the main skill in "gold" investments 
According to widely available information, since the beginning of August of 2020 the entire precious metals market has been in the price correction phase. For example, gold dropped in price to $1850 per ounce losing 11% of its previous record price, while silver lost much more in price - 27.45% from the record prices at the end of the summer. Inexperienced investors from many countries of the world have succumbed to panic and made wrong decisions, which resulted into haste and subsequent losses from 30 to 50% of their "gold" investments. At the same time, experienced experts on the precious metals market assure that, in general, the gold market has maintained and continues to maintain an upward trend. Currently an unexpected emergence of a new record gold price is guaranteed and it is just a matter of time. Therefore, the yellow precious metal should be trusted and it is important to be patient, put nerves to rest and wait calmly. It is highly probable that gold prices will continue to rise at the end of the year. Gold has always shown exceptional resistance to external influences. Thus, even if the difficult phase of the formation of the gold prices continues until mid-December of 2020, gold market analysts are confident that it will have a strong start as early as the beginning of 2021.


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