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Mysticism of Gold

Modern society has long perceived gold primarity as an indicator of the status and material well-being of its owner. At the same time, not so long ago our ancestors were confident that this metal has magical properties of being capable of attracting good luck into people's lives, curing some diseases and even changing destinies and personalities. For example, gold is considered to be the "metal of Lions", since Leo is the most "sunny" zodiac sign. However, even Leos should be careful and “not betray their essence” by showing weakness and pettiness, otherwise gold can bring additional problems and difficulties to it's owner. Believing in the divinity of gold, from the ancient times people have not recommended wearing gold jewelry to those persons who were fearful and did not show willingness to fight for themselves and their place in life. Chains and pendants appeared as examples of jewelry for a reason. Knowing that gold can help in finding balance, making a person more tranquil, calm, not subject to anger, independent of swings of mood, making decisions on a rational rather than an emotional level, people began to make such artefacts out of it to “restrain” excessive emotionality of the owners. Such gold jewelry has to be worn so that the pendant or the lower edge of the chain is at the level of the solar plexus. Rings, earrings and bracelets made of gold have also served specific tasks and purposes. A massive ring without precious stones made the owner more confident in himself and attracted good luck in financial matters. Gold earrings were designed to help the wearer become more liberated and to choose her own path more freely. Also, such decoration is believe to have helped in getting important information in order to properly and timely make use of it. Gold bracelets should help those who create something with their own hands, making their hands the "hands of gold". At the same time, those people who easily became dependent on others were warned against wearing bracelets: in this case, the gold bracelet could become symbolic "shakles" and prevent the person from making independent decisions.


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