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A need for an influential leader arises in a group or team especially acutely precisely when on the way of the group to achieving success there are various unforeseen obstacles or a situation arises in which something threatens the group from the outside, in a really difficult, sometimes even a critical situation. In such cases due to “weak links" there may arise a lack of consistent understanding among the group members and of a common understanding of what is necessary and appropriate to undertake at such moments in order to continue moving towards the goal or minimize any danger for the group. The leader needs to ensure the achievement of goals as well as the safety of the group due to the fact that this is his direct “job” in the group, and that requires the manifestation of certain personal qualities from him: courage, skills, knowledge, self-confidence and other necessary ones for such cases. The level of danger or difficulty encountered during overcoming obstacles faced by a group or a team examines the leader and threatens with the facts of the emergence of a new leadership in case the already recognized leader did not cope and allowed someone else to decide everything. Success in solving difficult or critical situations provides the leader not only a vote of confidence from the team, but also the appropriate volumes and forms of projecting his leadership onto the team. Therefore, in most critical situations, groups do not resist when leadership is concentrated in one’s "strong" hands. For example, using historical analysis it can be determined that the emergence of dictators, as a rule, occurred exactly in such critical situations when nations and peoples needed instant changes in the composition of their leaders. Sometimes, it is acceptable for a leader that the leadership functions are usually distributed among several people. Such can be the cases when the problems faced by the group are large, numerous, or have different origins. Then it makes sense to "share" the leader's responsibilities with those team members who are able to help in solving common problems. You should also pay attention to the ability of leadership so to say to "dissolve" before "easy group tasks" which can be solved independently by anyone. In such cases, the leader must still remain in control of the process of implementation of solutions without losing the sense of the rhythm of the events which are taking place.


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