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Investment in gold

Three indisputable yes to investing in gold Investing in gold is a safe investment Investors account for up to 40% of the total volume of gold purchases, and the jewelry industry accounts for up to 50%. These are the main "players" of the gold market on the planet. During the most difficult periods of crisis, investors increase their investments in gold, during periods of stability, jewelers increase the production of gold items. This combination ensures a constant stable and steady demand for gold as a capital preservation instrument. Investment in gold is the "basis" of investments Buying gold bars is the most traditional way to invest in gold for the purpose of saving and accumulating. About one thousand tons of gold bars are purchased annually in the world, which is 60% of the total investment in gold. Investing in gold is a safe investment The main advantage of buying gold bullion is that these investments do not carry any banking or financial risks and are the cheapest investment instrument in physical metal.


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