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"Invest only in gold." - Frank Gistra The interview with a Canadian billionaire Frank Gistra, which he gave to the analytical company Stansberry Research, was marked by a statement of the famous financier that "the US dollar can no longer be considered as a safe asset for storing savings in." The purchasing power of the dollar continues to decline, and the stock markets are now so overwhelmed that they "have become detached from the real economy and do not in any way reflect the real situation in the world," said the recognized investment expert. Gistra is confident that "it will take a very long time before the economy recovers from the negative effects of the spread of Covid-19." Therefore, he strongly discourages investors from investing in government bonds or keeping large amounts of cash - all of those investment instruments will not survive the inflation of the next years, which is predicted only to grow while gradually devaluing the world's fiat currencies. In such a situation, one can only talk about investing in gold, assures Frank Gistra. He believes that gold is "one of the few assets that can protect your wealth from destruction." In addition, Gistra is sure that it is necessary to buy gold right now, since its value is still very far from the maximum indicators which are expected in the near future.


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