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"Golden Exhaust": a new must have for living in the "luxury" style

Gold is a unique element and, of course, an excellent opportunity to emphasize your status as an accomplished and financially independent person.

Engineers of the famous German car tuning workshop “Novitec” have upgraded the already unique Ferrari Monza SP1 (world circulation up to 100 copies), making the car even more perfect, expensive and ... unique)

The car is fitted with a 999 gold plated sports exhaust system.

Thanks to this coating, "heat dissipation" occurs in the system more efficiently, which increases the engine power by 34 horsepower and allows the collector's speedster to accelerate to 100 km / h a whopping 0.1 seconds faster.

The interior of this car, according to the masters, also had to be "adapted" with the help of gold, reaching the luxury of style to a new level of "gold car".


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