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The United States of America does not simply own the “world currency”. The US dollar is popular and valued all over the world, because it is, among other things, backed up by the country's gold reserves. Americans have accumulated the most gold and built their financial security on it. 
According to the International Monetary Fund, as of May 2020 the reserves of gold in the central banks around the world are totaling up to 34859.33 tons out of which in the European countries that amount is 10776.1 tons equaling to 58.7% of their gold and foreign currency reserves. For many years, the USA has been the leader in the volumes of gold reserves, which has saved no less than 8133.5 tons in its world-famous depository in Fort Knox alone. That accounts for 78.3 percent of the country's total gold and foreign currency reserves. 
Germany is also not lagging behind and is building its security on the precious metal. Thus, the Treasury of the Bundesbank has 3364.2 tons of gold in its reserves. That is 74.3% of the entire gold and foreign currency reserves of the country. Almost 70% of Italy’s reserves are also based on gold, of which the country has accumulated 2,451.8 tons. The French treasury holds 2,436 tons of gold (63.4 percent of all state reserves). Russia is another member of the top five with 2,299.2 tons of gold reserves which take up 21.1% of its total reserves). 
The top ten countries with impressive gold reserves also include China (1,948.3 tons), Switzerland (1,040 tons), Japan, India and the Netherlands. By the way, the Netherlands specializes in stockpiling gold ore, having accumulated 612.5 tons of it, which is 70.5 percent of all the country's gold and foreign currency reserves. Poland, with 238.6 tons, ranks 23rd on this list. Gold takes up 9.8% in the reserves of the National Bank of Poland. 
In terms of financial security of gold investments, the leaders are again the USA, Germany, Portugal (73% of the reserves are in gold). They are followed by the Netherlands, Italy, Cyprus (68.8%), Kazakhstan (67.7%), France, Greece (63.4%), Tajikistan (61.3%), Uzbekistan (57.7%), Austria (55.9%). However, for example, the Czech Republic does not seem to believe at all in the power of gold. Czech reserves amount to only 7.8 tons (0.3%).


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