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Gold is the first metal

Many theories which are supported by certain finds and facts suggest that most likely gold was the first metal to which the attention of ancient people was drawn. Gold nuggets and sand found in the soil and rivers undoubtedly attracted ancient hominids with their amazing beauty, affordable malleability and strength. When the development of mankind had already passed through the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic eras, and people began to organize into communities while building up their own, though still scattered civilizations, gold acquired its sacred value. Initially, it was used as a material for expensive and important amulets, but a little later production of gold deity figurines which were worshiped had begun. Lacking the opportunity to know how rare of a metal gold was as well as to realize what its other amazing properties are, the ancestors of modern humans treated gold as if they felt the value of this material. When the first Indian, Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations appeared (3000-2000 BC), gold having retained its mystical function and sacred meaning, was already defined as a symbol of prosperity allowing one to enjoy a special social status, and the name “the royal metal" then became the second name for gold. In his famous poems The Iliad and The Odyssey Homer (c. 1000 BC) mentions gold as an indisputable sign of wealth among mortals and of true greatness among the immortal gods. Ancient chronicles disagree when attributing the discovery of gold to either a Phoenician named Cadmus or the King Toas of the Tauris who found gold on Mount Pangea in Thrace. "The Alexandrian Chronicles" (628 AD) "assure" that gold was shown to people by none other than the Roman god Mercury. In fact, the moment of the discovery of the metal which is known to us as gold has been lost deep in the past, however, the fact that there were attempts to tell us - distant descendants about this event explains that the people of from eras in one way or another perceived the discovery of gold as some kind of a key event. In those days, gold was mined mainly in river placers, but the rulers of countries such as ancient Egypt and India could afford fairly large-scale mining operations on gold deposits for those times. The percentage of gold in the ore did not particularly bother anyone because due to the labor of captives, slaves and those who broke the law such mining operations were "cheap."


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