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gold in people's daily lives

Gold is present in the everyday life of almost every modern person. And here we are not talking about possessing gold jewelry or gold investments by people. Even the people who do not have enough savings to buy gold and products from that metal will in one way or another encounter gold every day and contact with the noble metal primarily thanks to modern devices and gadgets. Indeed, starting from the 1970s, the time period when a variety of devices and gadgets began to appear, and all the way to the modern smartphones and medical diagnostic devices, we rely on this precious metal every day and largely depend on its magical properties. This is despite the fact that the volume of gold used in technological sectors has declined over the past few years thanks to more economical substitutes of gold in electronics manufacturing. As an excellent conductor, gold is most demanded in modern electronics at the time of production of various electrolytic coatings, compounds or contacts. Plating these components with gold provides strong contact surfaces for transmission of audio, electronic and video signals while preventing corrosion, oxidation and other factors that negatively affect electrical connections and cause device failures. The demand for gold in the electronics industry peaked in 2010. Then, thanks to the emergence of new alloys that could replace gold in some industries, the demand for gold in the electronics industry slightly decreased. However, with the development of modern technologies, more and more high-tech products require the use of gold for their smooth operation. Just think: in the last four years alone more than 1000 tons of gold were used in various areas of production of electrical appliances!


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