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Gold is the best form of money

Gold is the best form of money
 Money must be durable - you can't spoil it. Grain is not good for money: it can rot and be eaten by insects, and ancient people understood this, despite the value of crops in their time.
 Money must be divisible. Diamonds or art objects are not good for money: they cannot be divided into parts without damaging the whole.
 Money must be homogeneous. That is why real estate has not become a measure of money. One property is always different from another.
 Money should be comfortable. Not all metals are of sufficient value. Coins made of metal, such as lead, would have to be made too large, which is inconvenient to handle.
 Money should have value on its own. Therefore, simply paper money not backed by the country's gold reserves does not mean anything by itself.
 Gold is well suited for the role of money, because gold is the only financial asset that is not debt. It does not need bank collateral or government.
This is why currencies are subject to default (complete depreciation). Gold's role is to protect your purchasing power. Gold cannot be devalued or destroyed. You can rest assured that gold will retain its value over time.


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